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Nathalia Kaur - Biography


Name: Nathalia Kaur
Sex: Female
Birthday: 17 November 15 1990
Full Name: Nathalia Pinheiro Felipe Martins
Adopted Name: Nathalia Kaur
Place of Birth: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
College: UCAM – Universidade Candido Mendes
High School – Instituto Abel (2007)
Current Location: Mumbai, India

Nathalia Kaur, previously known as Nathalia Pinheiro, was born in Rio de Janeiro to half Indian father and Brazilian mother. Nathalia’s grandfather was Punjabi and grandmother Portugese.
Nathalia was educated in Rio de Janeiro. She was an opera singer and has appeared on the TV.
She was the first one from her family to enter the glamour world of modelling. She started modelling at the age of 14 and has done TV commercials and print ads.
Nathalia Kaur was crowned Kingfisher Calendar Girl in 2012. She won this title title defeating 15 models from across the country.
Nathalia Kaur is also a trained opera singer. She is known as Nathy among friends and family.
For the last six months, Pinheiro has been living in Mumbai and she intends to make Mumbai as her home now.
Nathalia Kaur was picked up by Bollywood’s eccentric director, who has weakness we sexy girls, to do an item song on his next movie Department. Ramu initially wanted to offer this item song to other hottie Sunny Leone, who refused to work with Ramu.

From Nathalia Pinheiro to Nathalia Kaur

Ram Gopal Varma advised Nathalia to change her surname to be Kaur instead of Pinheiro as it was very difficult to prononuce and it wouldn’t go down very well with Indian media and audiance.
Since Nathalia is half punjabi the Kaur surname was most appropriate for her to make her 100% desi girl.