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Cutting Chai (2012) Watch Online / Download

Watch Cutting Chai (2012) Online / Download
Releasing date : 18th November (2012)
Genres : Bollywood
Directed by : Flavin Luicien
Cast: Yahwant , Feroz , Karan , Bhavin , Sasha , Sabrina , Vikramjeeth Singh , Rajkumar Kunj , Suma Varma , Lucky
Story : The film has delved into the psyche of the youth who may survive on cutting tea but ready to conquer the world. It is a story of four friends employs today's language of the youths ,One works in the call centre, second is in the Film Industry, third one is a software engineer and fourth is D.J. Who wants to make it big in the Music World ''Audience will identify themselves with the characters of the film and they will feel as if it's their life being shown on the screen.'' ''It has all the ingredients which touch today's youth life. Filled with funny moments, film also explores today's youth ambition and their problems.