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Land Gold Women (2012) Watch Online / Download

Watch Land Gold Women (2012) Online / Download
Releasing date : 2nd December 2012
Genres : Bollywood
Directed by : Avantika Hari
Cast : Narinder Samra, Sonia Kaur, Neelam Parmar, Chris Villiers, Renu Brindle, Caroline Frewin
Story : Saira ( Neelam Parmar), a 17-year-old Indian-British girl, living in Birmingham, has a problem at hand. She has a British boyfriend which is
unacceptable to her conservative Muslim family who wants to marry her off to a Muslim boy in distant Lucknow, much to the discomfiture of the girl. When she refuses to comply with her family's wishes, they choose drastic measures to save the 'family honour.

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