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Hungama in Dubai (2008) /Hyderabadi Bakra Hyderabadi Movie Watch Online

Watch Hungama in Dubai (2008) / Hyderabadi Bakra Hyderabadi Movie Online
Director: Masood Ali
Genre : Hyderabadi

Cast : Mast Ali, Aziz Janbaaz, D C Srivastav, Mateen Khan, Swetha Khanduri, Hena
Story : Ajju and Mujju (Mast Ali and Aziz Janbaaz) are crooks who've just got out of jail after a 7-year stint. Most people who've gotten out of jail want to forget the past and look forward to a completely new future, and Ajju and Mujju are no different – they want to completely forget the petty crimes they committed, and aim for really big-time fraud now. And so they land a chai shop owner (D C Srivastav) and con him into selling off all his property for Rs. 2 crore, promising him they'll make a huge movie with it and make him really rich. The trio land in Dubai for the "shooting", and this is where the first major twist happens – i. e. the movie becomes unbelievably boring. The next major twist is when it ends, since you are starting to think that the movie will never end. Indeed, there is just about nothing that happens in between. The duo live life lavishly for a few days, checking into the most expensive of hotels, throwing wads of dollars into club dancers and generally exhausting money even faster than your liveliness.

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